Sync port pairwise data from your ERP system to create accurate RFQ plans for sourcing rates. One-click sending of RFQ plans to various vendors for the bidding process. Platform with reasonable reference rates to guide with market trends. Conduct multiple rounds with dynamic deadlines to ensure a competitive bidding process.


Spot Inquiries

A simple form to create new shipment inquiries across Full Container Load and Part Container Load in less than a minute. One-click publishing to forwarders on the platform to get bids and efficiently compare all quotes to choose an ideal balance of cost and service. 

Instant L1, L2, L3 categorization and confirmation through the platform.

Freight Forwarder Portal

Portal for Forwarders to receive RFQs, Inquiries, and see their ranking in the bidding process. Get instant quotes with the power to negotiate even further with the specifically targeted price. The platform also provides chat support.

Exclusive Features

Shipsy offers a multitude of features to support your supply chain at every stage

Icons_Procure - Reduce Cost

Reduce Cost

Reduce the costs for your logistics operations up to 5%

Icons_Procure - Round Creation

Round Creation

Create dynamic deadlines for forwarders to respond with bidding round modifications and amendments

Icons_Procure - Market Trends

Market Trends

Intelligent reference rates to guide with market trends and hence help in optimizing your logistics expenses.

Icons_Procure - Data Analytics

Data Analytics & Reporting

Forwarder-wise insights and reports on response times, deviation from reference rates and variance in quotes