Complete Supply Chain Management for Retail

With millions of SKUs making the journey from the manufacturing plants to warehouses to distributors and finally to the customer through retailers, having visibility over their movement as well as inventory levels is of paramount importance. Shipsy’s predictive control towers are built to provide real time visibility as well as predictive insights over supply chains to retailers of all sizes. Quick and easy implementations with all ERPs and WMSs allow Shipsy to aggregate data onto a central platform. Shipsy’s alerts engines allow users to set their own alerts and escalation matrices

Hierarchy Based Operations Management

Very often in supply chain management, senior management is involved in day to day troubleshooting. Shipsy’s alerts escalation and issue management control tower are customized to save precious time of senior executives. Personalized views for each employee role display only what is relevant to them. It is only in case SLAs are breached or escalations happen that it would flash on a seniors screen. Hence, only the most pressing matters would be displayed to the senior levels of management.

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Impact of Shipsy's Solutions​


​Decreased SKU Stockouts ​



Increase in Real Time Delivery Updates