Reducing Inefficiencies and Cost Leakages

Shipsy’s control towers are custom built to solve the problems of visibility for bulk movement of goods in heavy industries such as steel making, automotive, manufacturing etc. Such industries face a lot of needless expense due to inefficiences such as demurrage, dwell time at plants, and costs at ports and railway stations. Shipsy centralizes all data related to movement across road, rail, freight and air and across different plants into a central dashboard. Interactive visualisations, customized reports and predictive alerts such as expected SLA breach, route deviations etc allow operations managers to meet their KRAs and improve the efficiency of their supply chains

Creating a Single Source of Information

Shipsy solves the problems of data aggregation and creation of MIS reports. Hundreds of man-hours are wasted everyday in creating complicated paper based reports for logistics operations. Even though data is captured, its use is inefficient. By automating this effort and providing access to centralized data in real time, Shipsy helps better utilise the manpower as well as enable a data driven approach to logistics management

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Impact of Shipsy's Solutions​


Reduction in Manhours for Report Generation


Decrease in Detention


Decrease in ETA SLA Breach


Increase in Customer Satisfaction