Automate your Logistics and Delivery Management

Shipsy’s suite of ready to use first and last mile automation solutions allow you to take control of your logistics operations. From order management, customer booking portals, shipping label printing and inventory management for the first mile to rider applications enabling pickups and delivery and delivery dashboards – Shipsy has robust, modular solutions built just for you

See the Future with Shipsy's Predictive Analytics

Tired of running operations in firefighting mode? Customer complaints never ending?

Shipsy’s predictive control towers are custom built to solve these exact problems. By integrating data from all sources (be it GPS devices or scans within a hub) into a ‘single source of truth’. This real-time centralized view of the entire operations of the company is augmented by Shipsy’s proprietary models that learns from historic data and tells the user what is likely to go wrong before it actually does. Actionable insights inform employees on the exact steps to be taken to avoid problems from escalating

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Impact of Shipsy's Solutions​


Daily Active Users


 Rider Adoption of Products


Increase in Real Time Delivery Updates


Decrease in First Mile Load Processing Time