End To End Supply Chain Visibility

Shipsy’s Predictive Supply Chain Control Tower transforms logistics management from a reactive, firefighting approach to an automated, proactive one. Seamlessly integrated across all transport legs, the predictive control tower gives you a bird’s eye view over all operations in real time


Get Actionable Insights from Your Data

Shipsy's system answers the fundamental questions of  'What?' - What is going wrong?;  'Why' - it automatically finds the root cause and 'How' - How should the problem be solved.

Gone are the days of spending hours querying reports to find solutions

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Exclusive Features

Shipsy offers a multitude of features to support your supply chain at every stage

Delay Prediction

Using Machine Learning techniques, our ETA prediction engine generates expected delays

Alerts Management

Define alerts on objects with thresholds across multiple metrics along with auto escalation of unresolved issues


Prescribe succinct, relevant and capped number of action points for users to address

Voice Assistance

Voice controlled smart assistant you can talk to in order to receive updates